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The way of life and the dependable healthcare system is a reason that many people from other countries seek healthcare job opportunities in the Netherlands.

Understanding the healthcare job market in the Netherlands means understanding the likelihood of finding an opening and knowing which healthcare jobs are in the highest demand.

If healthcare is where your passions lie, or if you already have a qualification in healthcare, you may be considering your options for opportunities in the Netherlands.

Read this article and enlarge your knowledge and understanding of the Healthcare Jobs in the Netherlands which will help you during registration processing.

Job Description

Ensure that you qualify for the desired position before applying to avoid disappointment, primarily if these roles provide a great attitude of long-term opportunity or privilege for permanent residency here in the Netherlands.

This post entails detailed information to keep you up to date and note that all the jobs listed in this article are currently open in the Netherlands.

The health insurance industry is a vast one with many career choices you could pursue, now, head below to get a currently available healthcare job that you can apply for.

If you wish to apply for any Healthcare Jobs in the Netherlands, go through this post and get your desired result with no stress.

Read this article and enlarge your knowledge and understanding of the Healthcare Jobs in the Netherlands which will help you during registration processing.

Healthcare Job Offers in the Netherlands

Healthcare jobs are an integral part of economies worldwide and are exceptionally common in Finland, where many people engage in Healthcare jobs for a secondary income.

Healthcare Jobs in the Netherlands are numerous, to begin with; hence if you are living in the Netherlands, check out all the latest Healthcare jobs that you can apply for.

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Now proceed below to get all the requirements and benefits of working as a Healthcare in any sector of the industry you find yourself in.

Health and Safety Specialist

A health and safety specialist analyzes, assesses, and resolves hygiene and safety challenges in workplaces to help employers follow regulations.

They support departments in developing, implementing, and maintaining department-specific health and safety procedures and develop and perform training.

As a Health and Safety Specialist, you can use your education and training to instruct employers on safety procedures, lead industrial hygiene workshops, and help make workplaces safer and healthier for all employees.

Salary: A Health and Safety Specialist working in the Netherlands will typically earn around 78,960 EUR per year


  1. Understand and comply with Applied Medical’s Quality System (QS), safety rules and company policies
  2. Develop implement, and monitor company policies, processes, and methods for health and safety
  3. Ensure compliance with all required legislation, practices, and relevant standards
  4. Perform risk assessments and evaluations or other actions to minimize, mitigate, or eliminate risk
  5. Perform root cause analysis for work-related incident and accident investigations
  6. Provide guidance about work assessment for third-party contractors hired by the company and participate in and support internal and external audits


  1. Bachelor’s degree in H&S-related field
  2. At least 3 years of relevant work experience in a similar position
  3. Excellent oral and written communication skills in English or Dutch
  4. Knowledge of standards such as ISO13485, ISO14001, and ISO45001


  1. An international working environment, fueled by respect and a healthy work-life balance tailored to the business and team member’s needs
  2. 27 paid vacation days (based on a full-time contract) with the option to purchase five additional days
  3. Optional hybrid model, including home office equipment and a working-from-home allowance
  4. Commuting allowance of €0,23/km or an NS Business card subscription
  5. A wide variety of internal training and development possibilities and a tuition program for external training
  6. The opportunity to pro-actively work on your vitality and fitness
  7. Attractive pension scheme (your contribution at 4%, ours at 12%)
  8. €50 net monthly health insurance contribution
  9. Two (paid) days per year dedicated to volunteering activities
  10. Several fun company events and meaningful initiatives were organized throughout the year
  11. A hybrid workplace, where you can work partially from home (except for operational vacancies)
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Health Care Assistant

Health care assistants deal with assisting with daily living activities such as eating, showering, using the toilet, and utilizing equipment to move patients when necessary.

They help tidy the patient’s home or room, take the patient’s vital signs such as blood pressure and temperature, and talk to patients and reassure them.

Their tasks include assisting patients with personal care and conducting clinical duties, in addition to carrying out, monitoring, and recording the results of medical tests, which the healthcare professional will analyze.

They also attend meetings with other healthcare professionals, assist nurses and other staff when needed adhering to professional standards, and reviewing any important changes in the patient’s condition.

Salary: The average salary for a Healthcare Assistant is €2,032 in Amsterdam, Netherlands per


  1. Ensuring that supplies and medical equipment are replenished.
  2. Improving the mobility of patients.
  3. Setting up equipment required by healthcare professionals.
  4. Taking the temperature, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels of patients, and recording the results.
  5. Recording the pulse rate of patients and measuring patients’ weight.
  6. Preparing patients for therapy and making up beds, giving out bedpans, and collecting bedpans.

Benefits and Advantageous

  1. No two days are ever the same
  2. You’ll receive proper training
  3. The work is flexible
  4. It’s the ideal job for a ‘people person
  5. Being a carer gives you the unique opportunity to make a real difference in someone’s life.

Requirements and Skills

  1. Patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations
  2. Ability to handle multiple tasks safely and efficiently
  3. Clear verbal communication skills to explain sensitive information
  4. Excellent customer service skills
  5. The ability to work well with their hands
  6. Capability to accept criticism
  7. The ability to work well with others.

Steps to Apply

These are the necessary steps you need to follow strictly:

  1. Click on the ‘Apply Now ‘button below
  2. On the other side, you will get to see the registered word (click on it)
  3. Search and explore the website
  4. You will see various available healthcare jobs
  5. Fill in the crucial details or information
  6. Then click to submit.
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Apply Now!


How does healthcare work in the Netherlands?

Anyone living and working in the Netherlands is legally obliged to purchase statutory basic health insurance (basisverzekering) from private insurers.

Adults choose their policy as individuals; there is no family coverage; children aged 18 and under are automatically covered by their parents’ insurance.

What is the most common job in healthcare in the Netherlands?

  • Registered nurse
  • Occupational therapist
  • Physical therapist
  • Physician Assistant
  • Nurse practitioner.

Is healthcare free in the Netherlands for foreigners?

The Netherlands has universal healthcare, but the government requires all adults living or working in the Netherlands to have basic insurance.

Conclusion On Healthcare Jobs In the Netherlands

The application website gives crucial information about Healthcare Jobs In the Netherlands for interested candidates or applicants.

You should ensure that the application processing is smooth by providing essential qualities for healthcare job employment in the Netherlands.

While deciding on your healthcare job, you must carefully consider how much the chosen profession is in demand and whether it is profitable.

After reading through it, you can easily decide on the specialty and achieve heights in your chosen career in the future in the Netherlands.

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