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Join U.S. Army Without Green Card 2024/2025 Apply Now!

If you are dreaming of joining the U.S. Army without green card then go through this article to find out more about all the processes which will be involved in recruiting you into the U.S. Army.

First and foremost for applicants not to be confused, you must be a green card holder who is currently living in the United States as a permanent resident before you can join the U.S Army.

There are approximately 80,000 non-citizens that joined the U.S. Army but there are no two ways about currently joining the U.S. Army without a green card.

I hereby encourage applicants who this post of a great desire to them quickly access their official website to get more news and updates in order to start applying now.

General qualifications For Citizens To Join U.S. Army:

  1. The applicant should not be married.
  2. Do not be pregnant.
  3. Be at least 17 but not older than 22 on July 1 of the year they enter West Point.
  4. Not be legally responsible for the support of any children
  5. Proof of citizenship (if you were not born in the United States)
  6. Social Security card
  7. Valid driver’s license or current state identification card
  8. A direct deposit form from your checking account (signed by a bank official)
  9. Original or certified copies of your marriage certificate, divorce decree, or separation order (if applicable)
  10. Original or certified copies of birth certificates of children under 18; affidavit of support from parents; court documents and direct deposit forms if ordered to pay spousal and/or child support (if applicable)
  11. If you are married to a service member in the military, you need to have the name, Social Security number, and military address of your spouse
  12. Copies of your lease agreement or rental contract for any dependents residing outside of government quarters (if applicable)
  13. Original or certified ROTC documentation (if applicable)
  14. Original college transcripts; GED or high school diploma
  15. Be in good physical and mental health.
  16. Pass a medical exam (DODMERB).

So without wasting much of your time let’s quickly see how to apply for US Military Academy Application online.

How To Join The U.S Army

  • Joining the U.S. Army involves several steps, including meeting the eligibility criteria, taking the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test, undergoing a medical examination, and completing basic training. Here’s a general overview of the process:

    1. Meet eligibility criteria: To join the U.S. Army, you must be a U.S. citizen or a legal permanent resident, be at least 17 years old (with parental consent) or 18 years old, and meet other eligibility criteria such as being in good physical condition.

    2. Take the ASVAB: The ASVAB is a multiple-choice test that measures your strengths and weaknesses in different areas, including math, science, and language skills. The test helps determine which job in the Army is best suited to your abilities.

    3. Meet with a recruiter: A recruiter will discuss your options with you, help you understand the enlistment process, and answer any questions you may have.

    4. Complete a medical examination: You’ll need to undergo a physical examination to ensure you’re in good health and meet the Army’s physical fitness requirements.

    5. Choose your job and sign a contract: Once you’ve taken the ASVAB and completed your medical examination, you’ll meet with a career counsellor who will help you choose a job that matches your interests and abilities.

    6. Attend basic training: Basic training is where you’ll learn the skills you’ll need as a soldier. It’s a physically and mentally demanding experience, but it’s also where you’ll build the foundation for your Army career.

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Join The U.S. Army Through MAVNI

MAVNI) is a special recruiting program that has been available to certain immigrants interested in joining the U.S. military. Generally, immigrants must be permanent residents to join the military (see Military Enlistment Requirements); once enlisted these green card soldiers can take advantage of expedited citizenship.

MAVNI allows certain non-citizens in the United States to join the military and thereby gain eligibility for U.S. citizenship without first having to go through the lengthy process of obtaining a green card.

Please take note; The MAVNI is not currently active since 2017 and once information gets back that it has become active once more we will update this site also.

U.S Army Portal

If you are outside the continental United States, I suggest going to goarmy.com and starting by asking the recruiting personnel from there. Moreover, regardless of whether you’re in the United States are not, it would be probably better to just go to Army Careers: Ways to Serve in the Army and start from there..

Goarmy.com is the recruiting website for the US Army, so don’t overlook the other branches of service like www.gonavy.com, United States Marines Corps, U.S. Air Force, or United States Coast Guard.

U.S Army Jobs Available For Non-Citizens

  • 00B – Diver
  • 02 – Band Member
  • 02S – Special Band Member
  • 11B – Infantryman
  • 11C – Indirect Fire Infantryman
  • 11H – Heavy Anti-Armor Weapons Infantryman
  • 11M – Fighting Vehicle Infantryman
  • 12B – Combat Engineer
  • 12C – Bridge Crewmember
  • 13B – Cannon Crewmember
  • 19D – Cavalry Scout
  • 19E – M48 – M60 Armor Crewman
  • 19K – MI Armor Crewman
  • 25M – Multimedia Illustrator
  • 25V – Combat Documentation/Production Specialist
  • 35L – Avionic Communications Equipment Repairer
  • 35Q – Avionic Flight Systems Repairer
  • 42E – Optical Laboratory Specialist
  • 43M – Fabric Repair Specialist
  • 44B – Metal Worker
  • 44E – Machinist
  • 45B – SmaII Arms/Artillery Repairer
  • 45T – Bradley Fighting Vehicle System Turret Mechanic
  • 46Q – Journalist
  • 46R – Broadcast Journalist
  • 51B – Carpentry and Masonry Specialist
  • 51K – Plumber
  • 51M – Firefighter
  • 51R – interior Electrician
  • 51T – Technical Engineering Specialist
  • 52C – Utilities Equipment Repairer
  • 52D – Power-Generation Equipment Repairer
  • 52F – Turbine
  • 52G – Transmission and Distribution Specialist
  • 54B – Chemical Operations Specialist
  • 62F – Crane Operator
  • 62G – Quarrying Specialist
  • 62H – Concrete and Asphalt Equipment Operator
  • 62J – General Construction Equipment Operator
  • 63B – Light-Wheel Vehicle Mechanic
  • 63D – Self-propelled Field Artillery System Mechanic
  • 63E – MI ABRAMS Tank System Mechanic
  • 63G – Fuel and Electrical Systems Repairer
  • 63H – Track Vehicle Repairer
  • 63J – Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer
  • 63N – M6OAIIA3 Tank System Mechanic
  • 63S – Heavy-Wheel Vehicle Mechanic
  • 63T – Bradley Fighting Vehicle System Mechanic
  • 63W – Wheel Vehicle Repairer
  • 63Y – Track Vehicle Mechanic
  • 67G – Utility Airplane Repairer
  • 67S – OH-58D Helicopter Repairer
  • 67T – UH-60 Helicopter Repairer
  • 67U – CH-47 Helicopter Repairer
  • 67Y – AH-1 Attack Helicopter Repairer
  • 68B – Aircraft Powerplant Repairer
  • 68D – Aircraft Powertrain Repairer
  • 68F – Aircraft Electrician
  • 68G – Aircraft Structural Repairer
  • 68H – Aircraft Pneudraulics Repairer
  • 68J – Aircraft Armament/Missile Systems Repairer
  • 68X – AH-64 Armament/Electrical Systems Repairer
  • 71D – Legal Specialist
  • 91B – Medical Specialist
  • 91C – Practical Nurse
  • 91D – Operating Room Specialist
  • 91E – Dental Specialist 91K – Medical Laboratory Specialist
  • 91M – Hospital Food Service Specialist
  • 91P – Radiology Specialist
  • 91Q – Pharmacy Specialist
  • 91R – Veterinary Food Inspection Specialist
  • 91S – Preventive Medicine Specialist
  • 91T – Animal Care Specialist
  • 91V – Respiratory Specialist
  • 91X – Mental Health Specialist
  • 92A – Automated Logistical Specialist
  • 92G – Food Service Operations
  • 92M – Mortuary Affairs Specialist
  • 92R – Parachute Rigger
  • 92Y – Unit Supply Specialist
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Challenges For Non-Citizens In the U.S. Army

Non-citizens who join the U.S. Army face some unique challenges that citizens do not. Here are some of the challenges that non-citizens may encounter:

  1. Citizenship requirements: Non-citizens who join the U.S. Army are required to meet certain citizenship requirements, which can include having a green card, passing a background check, and meeting English language proficiency standards.

  2. Security clearance: Non-citizens may face challenges in obtaining a security clearance, which is required for many military jobs. The clearance process can be more complicated for non-citizens, as they may need to undergo additional screening and background checks.

  3. Deployment: Non-citizens may have more limited deployment options, as some countries may not allow non-citizens to enter or may have restrictions on their military activities.

  4. Benefits and services: Non-citizens may not be eligible for certain benefits and services, such as certain types of financial assistance, educational benefits, and healthcare services.

  5. Immigration status: Non-citizens who join the U.S. Army may face challenges with their immigration status, as they may be subject to deportation if they are not able to maintain their legal status in the U.S.

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Despite these challenges, many non-citizens have successfully joined the U.S. Army and have had successful military careers. The Army has resources available to help non-citizens navigate these challenges and succeed in their military careers.

Conclusion On How To Join The U.S. Army As A Non-Citizen

You, therefore, have no limitation regarding your being a Non-Citizen from applying for the U.S. Army as you enjoy plenty of benefits such as world-class army training in the U.S., the opportunity for career advancement, ongoing job security, and an excellent pay scale. 

The application website gives crucial information related to How To Join The U.S. Army without a green card for candidates to start applying now.

After applying and finally getting recruited, you can henceforth enjoy a rich and rewarding extra dimension to your life and work while contributing to the defence of the U.S.

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