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Norwegian Army Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Form

The Norwegian Army Recruitment is willing and ready to recruit people of diverse backgrounds who are committed and loyal to working in a challenging environment fighting crimes.

Therefore if you are interested in working in this agile and highly adaptive combat force and challenging environment I admonish you to go through this article and get updated with the latest recruitment going on currently.

Read the full detailed information about the application processes in the recruitment of the Norwegian Army and get guidelines on how to proceed with your application and so much more.

Norwegian Army Details

The Norwegian Armed consists of five branches, the Norwegian Army, the Royal Norwegian Navy, which includes the Coast Guard, the Royal Norwegian Air Force, the Home Guard and the Cyber Force, as well as several joint departments

The Norwegian Army is the oldest land warfare service branch of the Norwegian Armed Forces which is responsible for the defence and protection of our country from any threat or attack from abroad.

Their Roles Includes
  • Protecting Norway and our allies
  • Conducting surveillance and intelligence
  • Securing our borders and political freedom of action
  • Contributing across the globe
  • Supporting civil society
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Latest Updates On The Norwegian Army Recruitment

The Norwegian Army Recruitment will soon be opened for applications to start coming in however keep checking this site as it will be updated once the Application Form is out

A validation study (N>400) of the selection process for the Norwegian Army Officer Candidate School was carried out by the Norwegian Army Centre of Recruitment and Selection to improve the predictive validity of the selection process.

For general, principal questions, or questions of political character: the Ministry of Defence’s communication unit: +47 23 09 60 11 or e-mail: [email protected]

For ongoing search and rescue operations with the Armed Forces’ rescue helicopters: Joint Rescue Coordination Centre: +47 51 64 60 10 (Southern Norway) or +47 75 55 93 4​0 (Northern Norway)

Questions and issues concerning exercises, military operations in Norway and Norwegian personnel abroad: Norwegian Joint Headquarters: +47 40 43 80 83 (no SMS) or e-mail: [email protected]

Age Requirement For The Norwegian Army Recruitment

  • Male: 18-44 (55 for officers) years of age for compulsory Army service.
  • Female: 18 years of age for Army service.

Character Requirement

These twelve main character strengths have been proven to predict who will be accepted at the Norwegian Army

  1. Leadership
  2. Integrity (honesty)
  3. Persistence
  4. Courage
  5. Fairness
  6. Open-mindedness
  7. Social Intelligence
  8. Teamwork
  9. Self-regulation
  10. Perspective
  11. Love of learning
  12. Creativity

Selection Process For The Norwegian Army Recruitment

  • There will be an application processing based on whether you have completed high school (GMA & Grade points) and your age
  • After which there will be Assessment Phase 1 a medical check-up
  • After the medical check-up, there will be an Interview (semi-structured) based on Leadership and academic prognosis
  • After the above-listed stage, there will be physical testing to grade applicants on endurance and strength
  • There will be an Assessment phase 2 where candidates receive uniforms and some equipment and there will be officer evaluation
  • The officer evaluation is based on; 5-6 days of field exercise, Candidates are split into sections of 8 to 10 take turns being section leaders, and solve several different cases
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COVID-19 and allied training in Norway, including exercise Cold Response

The Norwegian Armed Forces have implemented several measures and plan to ensure that allied training in Norway is carried out safely, and without spreading the coronavirus and COVID-19.

These measures also apply to the Norwegian-led winter exercise Cold Response, set to take place in March 2024.

Norwegian Army Rank

  1. General
  2. Generalløytnant
  3. Generalmajor Brigader
  4. Oberst
  5. Oberstløytnant
  6. Major
  7. Kaptein

Norwegian Army Officer Candidate School

1. Trains section leaders for the Norwegian Army Two year run:

1st year: Nine months of basic military and leadership training focusing on the light infantry section. Then three months of specialisation.

2nd year: compulsory practice/service as a sergeant and section leader in a battalion.

2. Popular: on average, ten applications per student position

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3. Applicants can come from compulsory military service, or straight from high school

You can go to the official site – https://www.forsvaret.no/en

Conclusion On Norwegian Army Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Form

The portal of the Norwegian Army Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Form is simply for the enlightenment of the members relating to Recruitment 2024/2025.

The application website gives crucial information related to the Norwegian Army Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Form for candidates to start applying now.

After applying and finally getting recruited, you can henceforth enjoy a rich and rewarding extra dimension to your life and work while contributing to the defence in Norway

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