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Nursing Jobs In USA For Canadian Nurses 2024/2025 Apply Now!

While registering, you should understand the nursing job market in Toronto means understanding the likelihood of you finding an opening and knowing which Nursing jobs are in the highest demand.

Every nursing job in the USA for Canadian Nurses will surface in this article to guide, protect, and help you as a Canadian citizen seeking and pursuing magnificent nursing jobs.

Undoubtedly, the United States of America has one of the most famous nursing jobs globally; if you seek to find Nursing Jobs In the USA as a Canadian Nurse.

You (Nurse) are on the right post, for we will give you several vacant nurse jobs for Canadian Nurses; and the steps to apply in the USA.

You can read through this post and find a suitable job for you (Canadian), and please don’t hesitate to send your application form to be qualified for the retained nurse job in the USA.

Job Description

It is known that once you migrate to the United States of America as a Canadian nurse, you can become a US citizen after you have been granted permission status and meet the requirements.

You should know that USA visas require a visual and concrete assessment of tests to ensure you, as a Canadian, enter the country which will develop and grow the country’s hospital.

Fortunately, there are numerous job opportunities for Canadian nurses in the USA, such as health education, healthcare, maintenance, or the public sector.

Candidates from Canada with rare eligible nurse skills and nursing experience can apply for the work of their choice in the United States of America.

As we all know, the United States of America (USA) is one of the best countries or continents to work in as a Canadian Nurse.

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Suppose you are looking for Nursing Jobs In the USA For Canadian Nurses; you should view this article as you will get concrete updates on all the latest vacancies.

Requirements To Help You Get A Nurse Job In the USA As A Canadian Nurse

Nurse jobs are available for Canadian nurses in high numbers in the US, and you can migrate from any province in Canada to live and work in the US.

Moving from Canada to work as a nurse in the US is a goal you want to meet, and you will get to understand that you can achieve your dreams.

Here are the following requirements below:

  1. Meet the educational requirements.
  2. Complete a foreign-educated nurses (FEN) course.
  3. As a foreign-educated nurse seeking to work in the United States, ensure you follow U.S. federal immigration law and meet the primary educational or professional requirements.
  4. CGFNS evaluates your Credentials.
  5. Pass a Licensure Exam.
  6. Find a Registered Nursing Position.
  7. Take and pass an English language proficiency test if mandated.
  8. Pass your National Council Licensing Examination-Registered Nurse (NCLEX – RN)
  9. Obtain credential evaluation.

Nursing Job Offers In the USA For Canadian Nurses

Nurse provides designated and specified patient care to assigned patients under a licensed nurse’s direct supervision, consultation, and notification, following physicians’ orders.

The nurse also conforms to approved patient care standards based on previously acquired nursing skills and amiable skills that Canadian nurses should possess.

Read intensively below the following procedures that concern the eligibility to get employed in one nursing hospital and the requirements of becoming a citizen in the United States.

Oncology Registered Nurse

Oncology registered nurses are healthcare professionals specially trained to administer chemotherapy, radiation, and other oncology treatments as prescribed.

Oncology nurses are challenged daily to deal with the numerous symptoms patients with cancer and their families encounter due to their cancer or its treatment.

Oncology registered nurses are also responsible for monitoring cancer patients’ vital signs and overall well-being, helping them manage pain and lessen side effects as they undergo treatment.

Oncology (RN) integrates their technical skills, scientific knowledge, and caring attitude to aid those living with cancer, including their families.

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They provide necessary assessments, administer treatments, and communicate with all patient care providers to help develop a plan tailored to each patient’s needs.

Salary: the average salary of $75,330 per year or the average salary for a Registered Nurse is $44.02 per hour in the United States.


  1. Provides direct nursing care for specified patients, including appropriate supportive care and administration of chemotherapy, blood components, and fluid and electrolyte replacements.
  2. Performs nursing assessments and triages of patient care needs for new and ongoing patients.
  3. Provides education to patients, families, and significant others; acts as an information resource to students, health care professionals, patients, and the public.
  4. Provides family support as required, including applicable referrals and bereavement counselling.
  5. Follows established departmental policies, procedures, and objectives, continuous quality improvement objectives, and safety, environmental, or infection control standards.
  6. May train and guide other nursing and support staff engaged in clinical activities; may participate in research and related activities.


  1. Knowledge of oncology treatment procedures, facilities, and equipment.
  2. Knowledge of related accreditation and certification requirements.
  3. Ability to educate patients or families as to the nature of the disease and to provide instruction on proper care and treatment.
  4. Ability to maintain emotional stability to cope with human suffering, emergencies, and other stresses.
  5. Knowledge of the nature and treatments of oncological diseases, reactions, and side effects of related therapy methods.
  6. Patient assessment and referral skills and knowledge of bereavement counselling techniques.
  7. Ability to perform nursing assessments and patient triage.
  8. Knowledge of supportive care principles and techniques for oncology patients.


  1. Get an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN)
  2. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
  3. Background check on the candidates
  4. Pass the NCLEX-RN
  5. Work as a Registered Nurse, gaining 1,000 hours of experience
  6. Ten contact hours in Oncology are required.


  1. Health Insurance.
  2. Life Insurance.
  3. Dental Insurance.
  4. Vision Insurance.
  5. Temporary Disability Insurance.
  6. Long-term Disability Insurance.
  7. Severance Pay.
  8. Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance.

Available Nursing Jobs In the USA For Canadian Nurses

These are the following nursing jobs in the USA for Canadian nurses:

  1. Bilingual Registered Nurse
  2. Temporary Part-Time Nurse
  3. Nurse Practitioner
  4. Assistant Nurse
  5. Temporary Part-Time Nurse Practitioner (NP)
  6. Registered Nurse
  7. Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
  8. Nurse Practitioner – Psychiatry.
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How to Apply For Nursing Jobs In the USA For Canadian Nurses

These are the necessary steps you need to follow strictly:

  1. Click on the ‘Apply Now ‘ button below
  2. On the other side, you will get to see the registered word (click on it)
  3. You will see various available nurse jobs
  4. Fill in the crucial details or information.
  5. In there, you are required to fill in the necessary information.
  6. Then submit when you are through.
  7. Please, no false information on the website.

Apply Now!

Salary For Nursing Jobs In the USA For Canadian Nurses

The payment of RNs reported wages of up to $21.62 per hour, or the average salary is approximately $73,550 per year.

The estimated salary for a Nurse is $81,152 per year in the United States of America, or the average wage of $82402 per year.


When choosing a better reference with the Nursing Jobs In the USA For Canadian Nurses selection, you have no obstacle in taking them up to continue your passion.

This post has surfaced the requirements, applications, and other related steps as fellow Canadian nurses will enjoy the benefits of being a worker or employee in the United States of America.

To keep you on the right track, I have delivered the available nurse job occupations in the United States of America so that you can choose from any of the positions of your choice.

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