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Part-Time Jobs In Melbourne For Students 2024/2025 Apply Now!

Taking a part-time job gives you this awe-inspiring impression of what it’s like to work in the future; luckily for you, Melbourne is progressing with countless opportunities for part-time workers.

A part-time job experience can give your profile to boost drastically, and it’s also a way of showing that you’ve gained valuable skills needed in the workplace.

Working as a part-timer student in Melbourne is easy to find, especially if you have the required qualification and if you’ve been on the enclosure about picking up one of these jobs, consider the following benefits they can provide you.

Moreover, getting a practical and profitable part-time job is always memorable; not only that, but the Australian student visa will allow you to work for 20 hours a week.

Therefore, I urge you to read further and get detailed information regarding all Part-Time Jobs In Melbourne, especially as a student, for a better understanding.

Job Description

Finding part-time jobs in Melbourne is a good move if you can neutralize some of your living and tuition costs as an international student.

Many jobs are available in Melbourne, including part-time jobs for students, recent graduates, and fellow individuals.

Fellow individual constitutes the mandatory efforts to stabilize every sequence to analyze such employment, which is sometimes a delicate presence and needs special attention.

Working part-time allows you to smoothly transition into the workforce while earning extra money, developing more responsibility, and gaining valuable skills.

If you’re unsure what kind of part-time job as a student you want or where to find it, this post is for you and a concrete explanation.

Furthermore, a part-time job might introduce you to a career or industry you wouldn’t have known about and provide more insight into what you can do to qualify for a specific job.

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Part-Time Jobs In Melbourne For Students

Studying in Melbourne is an extraordinary experience; students grow academically, create friendships, travel around, pursue world-class qualifications, and earn experience in the job market.

All the available Part-Time Jobs In Melbourne For Students for eligible individuals will be portrayed here in this post, so make sure to find a suitable one that suits your interest and be quick to apply.

Administrative Assistant – Part Time-Melbourne, VIC

A person responsible for various administrative assistance is called an administrative assistant or sometimes an administrative support specialist.

Sometimes, these professionals may also be referred to as administrative coordinators or specialists who provide administrative support to ensure the efficient operation of the office.

Generally, an Administrative Assistant is a supportive role in an office; they are responsible for managing and distributing information among their co-workers, answering phones, and doing other administrative work.

They also assist in handling general office tasks and administrative duties, such as directing communications between colleagues and customers, organizing schedules and events, entering data, and bookkeeping.

Salary: The average salary for an administrative assistant part-time is AUD 15.49 per hour in Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

The average salary for an administrative assistant part-time is AUD AUD56,469 per year in Melbourne, VIC, Australia.


  1. Greet clients and make them feel comfortable, both in-person and over the phone
  2. Submit and reconcile expense reports
  3. Manage the schedule for fitness classes and therapy sessions
  4. Organize and schedule appointments
  5. Plan meetings and take detailed minutes
  6. Write and distribute emails, memos, letters, faxes, and forms.
  7. Assist in the preparation of regularly scheduled reports
  8. Supports team by performing tasks related to organization and strong communication.
  9. Screening phone calls and routing callers to the appropriate party.
  10. Using computers to generate reports, transcribe minutes from meetings, create presentations, and conduct research.
  11. Act as the point of contact for internal and external clients
  12. Update and maintain office policies and procedures
  13. Order office supplies and research new deals and suppliers
  14. Photocopy and print out documents on behalf of other colleagues
  15. Provide recommendations according to customer needs or preferences
  16. Provide essential details to potential clients, such as class or membership pricing
  17. Maintain front desk and verify that orders are placed as necessary to ensure necessary supplies are available at all times.
  18. Implement clerical duties and administrative processes
  19. They Conduct data entry.
  20. Direct clients to the appropriate departments for classes, therapy, or one-on-one training
  21. Ensure client records are up to date
  22. Alert the management of potential security issues.
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  1. Associate’s Degree in a related field.
  2. Three years of administrative assistant experience
  3. Knowledge of office management systems and procedures
  4. Working knowledge of office equipment, like printers and fax machines
  5. Knowledge of appropriate software, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat.


  1. Holiday Schedule
  2. Dental Insurance
  3. Vacation Schedule
  4. Competitive Salary
  5. Leave days
  6. Reimbursement For Travel
  7. Vision Care
  8. Life Insurance
  9. Sick Leave
  10. Workers Compensation
  11. Medical Coverage
  12. Medical Allowance.


  1. Reporting Skills
  2. Administrative Writing Skills
  3. Managing Processes
  4. Attention to detail
  5. Organization skills
  6. Analyzing Information
  7. Prior administrative experience
  8. Basic math and accounting skills
  9. Excellent computer skills, especially typing
  10. Multilingual may be preferred or required
  11. Experience operating a cash register (as needed)
  12. Critical thinking, evaluation, and analytical skills
  13. Desire to be proactive and create a positive experience for others
  14. Professionalism skills
  15. Problem Solving
  16. Supply Management
  17. Inventory Control
  18. Verbal Communication skills.

Apply Now

Available Part-Time Jobs In Melbourne For Students

Picking up a part-time job is one of the first steps you can take as a recent student to become more independent.

Below are the Available Part-Time Jobs In Melbourne For Students; you need to explore and get the incredible experience and benefits:

  1. Project Assistant (Student)
  2. Team Member – Part-Time
  3. Enrolment Officer
  4. Food Court Assistant -Part-Time
  5. Bartender-Part-time
  6. Events & Community Fundraising Administrator – Part-Time
  7. Part-time Prep Classroom Aide
  8. Student Ambassadors
  9. Catering Assistants-Part-time
  10. Part-time Sales Advisor
  11. Part-Time Trainee
  12. Retail Store Associate – Part-Time
  13. Part-time Associate Dentist
  14. Future Students Officer
  15. Student Support Officer-Part-time.
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Average Salary Of Part-Time Jobs In Melbourne For Students

In Melbourne, the minimum average wage is currently AUD 18 per hour-AUD 20 per hour for students wishing to work part-time in Melbourne, VIC.

The minimum average wage is presently AUD 68,258 per year -AUD 48812 per year for students in Melbourne, VIC.

Conclusion On Part-Time Jobs In Melbourne For Students

You can see the above available Part-Time Jobs In Melbourne For Students post, with the additional benefits of your skill acquisition.

While deciding on your job, you must carefully consider how much the chosen profession is in demand and whether it is profitable.

After your search, application, and getting recruited, you will enjoy a rich and exclusive extra dimension to your work life and gain a beautiful experience.

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