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Part-Time Jobs In Sydney For Students 2024/2025 Apply Now!

Many eligible students in Sydney work part-time alongside their various studies to help support their education and living expenses while schooling.

These students’ jobs socialize solely on the potential goal of producing flexible time to work while going to school; the country of Sydney has made that possible by generating employment.

Part-Time Jobs In Sydney For Students is an extraordinary experience; students grow academically, create friendships, travel around, pursue world-class qualifications, and earn experience in the job market.

These part-time jobs are exclusive and suitable employment for you (students) wishing to work for it doesn’t put a hindrance your studies.

Read along and get all the Part-Time Jobs In Sydney For Students, which offer excellent pay and lovely details to collaborate well with your studies schedules.

Job Description

Are you interested in part-time jobs? I would appreciate it if you went through this post enthusiastically for more individuals to partake in the Job.

Furthermore, students can help explore career paths even before they finish; it can also be a great privilege for you to know more about your specific course.

These part-time is sure to be giving you being a student work experience, exposure to life, and a better idea of the type of career you desire.

They provide training and experience; you also meet and interact with outstanding team members and fellow students in a conducive environment.

Part-Time Jobs In Sydney For Students

It would be best if you attempt to digest the following information about the available Part-Time Jobs In Sydney For Students given below:

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While in the registration, be your best with program processes and benefits designed to boost your physical and mental status.

Part-time Jobs produce and such policies and other positions services, these jobs are excellent for young people looking to make extra money.

You will see the description that concerns the explanation of the Student Strategic Planner and Customer Care responsibilities, skills, duties, benefits, and the skills of identifying funding sources and developing and preparing funding proposals.

1. Customer Care-Part-Time Jobs In Sydney For Students

Customer care employs students when companies treat their customers with respect and kindness and build an emotional connection with them.

Customer care resolving customer complaints, managing database records, drafting status reports on customer service issues, and data entry and research as required to troubleshoot customer problems

A Customer Care will act as a liaison, provide product or service information, answer questions, and resolve any emerging issues our customer accounts might face with accuracy and efficiency.

Customer Care receiving and placing customer service telephone calls and maintaining solid customer relationships by handling questions and concerns with speed and professionalism.

Salary: The average salary for a Customer Care employee or worker is AUD 31.29 per hour in Sydney NSW


  1. Resolves product or service problems by clarifying the customer’s complaint and determining the cause of the problem.
  2. Maintains financial accounts by processing customer adjustments.
  3. Recommends potential products or services to management by collecting customer information and analyzing customer needs.
  4. Prepares product or service reports by collecting and analyzing customer information.
  5. Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
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  1. Customer orientation and ability to adapt/respond to different types of characters
  2. Customer service skills
  3. Product knowledge
  4. Market knowledge
  5. Quality focus
  6. Problem-solving
  7. Excellent communication and presentation skills
  8. Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively.


  1. Proven customer support experience or experience as a Client Service Representative.
  2. Track record of over-achieving quota.
  3. High School Degree
  4. Experience in Customer Care.

2. Student Strategic Planner-Part-Time Jobs In Sydney For Students

Student Strategic Planner provides integrated research, planning, and leadership in developing programs and initiatives for a significant, organizationally complex operating component of the school.

Student Strategic Planner oversees and coordinates the development of strategic programs on a project management basis, including the development of budgets and projections.

The Student Strategic Planner is also responsible for conducting market research, analyzing industry trends, and using sound logic to make observations.

Salary: The average salary for a Student Strategic Planner employee or worker is AUD 52 – AUD 69 per hour in Sydney, NSW.


  1. They assess the company’s goals
  2. Coordinates the administration of multiple strategic programs and serves as a principal point of communication between program principals, administrators, and funding sources.
  3. They prepare reports on strategy ideas for senior management.
  4. They present research findings to senior management.


  1. Utilizing computer technology used for communication, data gathering, and reporting
  2. Negotiation Skills
  3. Creating, implementing, and using project management tools Skills
  4. Applying innovative thinking to problem-solving and strategy
  5. Verbal communication Skills.


  1. A degree in business, finance, marketing, or a related field
  2. Prior experience as a strategic planner or business analyst
  3. Three years-Seven years of related experience
  4. Higher School Degree.


  1. Allows organizations to be proactive rather than reactive
  2. Provides a focus
  3. They help create efficiency and save money
  4. It helps to increase market share and profitability
  5. It can make a business more durable.
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Apply Now

Available Part-Time Jobs In Sydney For Students

These are:

  1. Residential Casual or Contractor Cleaners – Part-Time
  2. Receptionist-Part-time
  3. Student Support Officer
  4.  Part-Time Florist
  5. Pharmacy-Part-time
  6. Student Counsellor-Part-time
  7. Barista-Part-time
  8. Maths or English Tutor
  9. Student Progress Adviser
  10. Part-time Administration.

Part-Time Jobs For Student’s Salary In Sydney

The average salary for Part-Time Jobs In Sydney For Students is AUD 27.49 an hour, while AUD 48,000 (forty-eight thousand) per year.

Conclusion  On Part-Time Jobs In Sydney For Students

You can apply from wherever you fit perfectly; the one that suits you to be considered for now’s your chance to acquire Part-Time Jobs In Sydney For Students.

You should know that you have no limitations or obstacles in taking them up and getting recruited into any Part-Time Jobs In Sydney For Students.

This post has established and portrayed the prominent details concerning the available part-time jobs and the website to find, register, and find the job you choose.

After analyzing the statistics, you can easily decide on the speciality and achieve heights in your chosen profession in the future.

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