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Are you wishing to be part of the Part-time Retail management In Newcastle? Here is an opportunity for you (candidates) to start with the registration for excellent jobs employment in Part-time Retail Jobs In Newcastle.

It would be best if you, at this moment, processed the mandatory efforts to stabilize every sequence to analyze these jobs, which is sometimes a delicate presence and needs special attention.

Hence, read further to comprehensively understand the Part-time Retail Jobs In Newcastle expertise and workings, especially the registration.

This post will exclusively surface the details concerning the Part-time Retail Jobs In Newcastle and the benefits you need for such positions for individuals.

Job Description

While reading through this post, you discover that Part-time Retail is responsible for assisting customers as they shop within a store part-timely.

Part-time Retail duties include greeting customers, answering questions related to the merchandise and store policies, and locating items for customers.

Retail workers are primarily responsible for greeting, interacting, and consulting with customers to understand their needs and preferences related to the merchandise.

Retail-part-time workers demonstrate and explain merchandise, selecting and suggesting options suitable for the customer’s needs.

Read through this article as I portray all the opportunities and statistics that can qualify you for the job you desire in any company in Part-time Retail recruiting casual employees.

Part-time Retail Jobs In Newcastle

Part-time Retail Jobs In Newcastle, you should know that the given job and available on this post are authentic; you can choose to apply for any of the assigned jobs below.

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Part-time Retail Jobs grants and such policies and other positions services, part-time jobs are excellent for young people looking to make extra money.

Sales Assistant – Newcastle (Part-Time)

A Sales Assistant, or Sales Associate, works on the sales floor, assisting directly to customers and providing customers with information on pricing and product availability.

Their duties include greeting customers who enter the store, managing the cash register or point of sale system, and helping customers find products in their store, and they may also be responsible for setting up displays and keeping up the store appearance.

A sales assistant’s duties vary depending on their retail area; ultimately, they will assist customers with purchases and handle merchandising, restocking shelves, and sales.

Sales assistants work in retail, assisting customers and packing frames; usually, sales assistants function as store frontline agents who welcome and receive customers into a store.

A Sales Assistant will help locate the product for customers, place an order, place holds, process transactions and keep the sales floor organized and well-stocked.

Sales Assistants are the face of the company and must uphold company values in how they dress and interact with customers.

Salary: The average wage is worth over £7.63 per hour.


  1. Resolves order and inventory problems by investigating data and history, identifying alternate means for filling orders, and notifying managers and customers.
  2. Stay up to date with merchandise, especially new products.
  3. Greet customers.
  4. Resolves promotional allowances, rebates, and pricing discrepancies by researching promotion details and regular and exceptional prices and forwarding resolution to managers.
  5. Resolve promotional allowance, rebate, and pricing discrepancies by researching promotion details and regular and special prices.
  6. Answer customers’ questions.
  7. Provides product, promotion, and pricing information by clarifying customer requests, selecting appropriate information, forwarding information, and answering questions.
  8. Look for stock requested by customers.
  9. Keep the stock room organized.
  10. Pack shelves neatly.
  11. Create attractive displays.
  12. Elevate customer complaints to the manager.
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  1. Ability to remain calm and professional with demanding customers.
  2. High school diploma
  3. College degree preferred
  4. Customer-centered focus
  5. 0-3years’ experience in sales
  6. On-the-job training provided.


  1. Excellent customer service skills.
  2. Friendly disposition.
  3. Customer service skills.
  4. The ability to work well with others.
  5. Patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations.
  6. Computer data entry skills.
  7. To be thorough and pay attention to detail.
  8. Sensitivity and understanding.
  9. Persuading and negotiating skills.
  10. The ability to use your initiative.
  11. Excellent verbal communication skills.
  12. Detail Oriented.
  13. Flexible work hours.
  14. Ability to multitask.
  15. Problem-solving and initiative.


  1. Advising & serving customers.
  2. Processing payments.
  3. Assisting customers to help them find what they need.
  4. Ensuring stock levels are well maintained.
  5. Promoting store cards or special offers.
  6. Providing customers with information on pricing and product availability.
  7. Arranging window displays.


These are the following benefits:

  1. Medical and Dental insurance.
  2. Retirement is often provided for full-time sales assistants.
  3. Ideal Corporate Values From Organisation.
  4. Explore possible career options.

Apply Now

Available Part-time Retail Jobs In Newcastle

These are:

  1. Store Colleague – Part-Time
  2. Customer Service Advisor (Part-time)
  3. Test Centre Administrator – Newcastle Part-time
  4. Sales Associate (Part-Time)
  5. Retail Merchandiser – Part-Time
  6. Part-Time Branch Assistant
  7. Weekend Retail Assistant – Part-Time
  8. Registered Physiotherapist – Part-time
  9. Part-Time Sales Advisor
  10. Sales Operations Engineer-Part-time.
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Salary For Part-time Retail Jobs In Newcastle

The average salary for a Part-time Retail Jobs In Newcastle, Upon Tyne, England worker earns about £ 27 – £ 39 an hour.

The average salary for a Part-time Retail Jobs In Newcastle, Upon Tyne, England worker earns about £ 250 per month.

Conclusion Details On Part-time Retail Jobs In Newcastle

The application website gives crucial information about the Part-time Retail Jobs In Newcastle for interested candidates or applicants.

You should ensure that the application processing is smooth by providing essential qualities for job employment.

While deciding on your job, you must carefully consider how much the chosen profession is in demand and whether it is profitable.

After reading through it, you can easily decide on the specialty and achieve heights in the chosen career in the future.

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