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Urban Farming Jobs Singapore 2023/2024 Apply Now!

Urban Farming Jobs in Singapore are full of great opportunities for everyone who delights in farming activities.

Urban farming in Singapore adds and preserves green space in cities, providing places for neighbors to come together, strengthen bonds, and build community cohesion.

Urban Farming connects people with the earth and the source of their food as well as with each other.

If you wish to secure an Urban farming job in Singapore then go through this article and find a suitable job from all the options which will be listed below.

Job Description

Urban farming in Singapore includes a wide array of food-producing projects and urban farming is popular for several reasons such as sustainability, affordability, health, and convenience.

Today urban agriculture exists in many forms including community and backyard gardens; rooftop and balcony gardening; growing in vacant lots, parks list goes on.

Urban farming helps stimulate the local economy through job creation, income generation, and the growth of small businesses.

Available Urban Farming Jobs Singapore

The following are the available Urban Farming Jobs in Singapore for you to apply for and they include;

– Archisen Urban Farming Jobs

If you want to contribute to Singapore’s food security and improve access to food in urban cities, then join the Archisen full-time or as an intern.

At Archisen, their vision is to provide people with the freshest, most nutritious, and flavourful produce at an affordable price that’s why they need talented, bright, and driven people.

1. Full-Time Jobs
  • Urban Farmer
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As an urban farmer, you will be involved in planting, production, and housekeeping tasks in a clean and air-conditioned environment.

You will be working closely in teams with other urban farmers, technicians, farm leaders, and the farm manager to ensure smooth operations of the farm.


  • Passionate about agriculture and learning
  • Eager to contribute and grow together with a young startup Urban Farm
  • Driven individual and a good team player
  • Willing to work 8 hrs, 5.5 days a week


  • Admin and Accounts Executive

Your tasks entail accounts processing, recording the minutes of meetings, managing company information and records, and assisting in human resource activities.


  • Prior experience in Accounting is preferred
  • Proficient in Quickbooks
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office programs (Excel, Word, Powerpoint)
  • Meticulous with numbers / detail-oriented
  • Possess a strong sense of ownership and accountability
  • Possess good communication skills, both written and spoken English
2. Part-Time Urban Farm Jobs
  • Crop Scientist

As a member of the crop science team, you will play a critical role in the post-harvest process in keeping our produce fresh and food safe.


  • At least 6 months of the internship period
  • Knowledge in food technology or food science
  • Humble team player who is enthusiastic, keen to learn & hard-working


  • Farm Engineer [Mechanical]

Your task will be to design, evaluate, and improve the process flow of innovative systems developed to automate various farm operations. Requirements

  • Basic knowledge of engineering materials
  • Familiar with CAD software
  • Able to read and understand components specification
  • Demonstrated ability to be a self-starter and independent thinker

How To Apply For Both Full-Time and Part-Time Positions

Do drop them an email at [email protected] with your CV and cover letter if you are interested in this position.

Please indicate your available start date.

– My Career Singapore Urban Farming Jobs

1. Research Fellow / Engineer (Compost|Vertical Farm) SCB3 – Singapore Institute of Technology

The primary responsibility of this role is to deliver on an industry innovation research project where you will be part of the research team to develop/produce/investigate.

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  • Composting of vegetable waste using EM and red wigglers methods
  • Control and data/sensor monitoring of compost activity and maturity
  • Compost quality on chemical/mineral content and microbial density
  • Compost Effects on seed germination and crop yield

Job Requirements:

  • Have relevant competence in the areas of Plant Science
  • Have a degree in biotechnology/ plant science/ chemistry.
  • Possessing a Master’s or undergraduate degree will be advantageous with prior experience working in the laboratory for research.
  • Knowledge and interest in urban farming will be advantageous and willingness to work on composts from the waste recycler into soiled based growth units for vertical farm

Application opens – 28 Apr 2024

Closing on 28 May 2024

Salary – $3,000 to $6,000 monthly

2. Research Fellow (Materials Science) – Nanyang Technological University

The Nanyang Technological University School of Materials Science and Engineering (NTU MSE) is looking for a highly motivated and experienced candidate to join us as Research Fellow (RF).


  • Carry out assays and analyses to optimize and control the nutrient release from the platform
  • Assess nutrient delivery effectiveness through measurement of seed germination, plant growth, disease resistance
  • Carry out biochemical and biological assays to assess the bioavailability, phytotoxicity, and cytotoxicity of the developed delivery platform.

Job Requirements:

  • PhD in Materials Science/Chemistry/Chemical Engineering/Biological Sciences/Forensics or related fields
  • Experience in biomaterial, nanomaterials synthesis, functionalization, and characterization required (e.g. TEM, XRD, DLS, FTIR, TGA, ICP-MS, etc.)
  • A strong track record of research ability and demonstrated contribution to research (e.g., research publications, grant applications, patents) required
  • Experience in agriculture/plant science research preferred
  • Experience in mammalian cell culture preferred

Application Opens – 28 Apr 2024

Closing on 28 May 2024

Salary – $4,000 to $8,000 Monthly

3. Urban Farming Educator – Edible Garden City Pte. Ltd.

This is a full-time role that requires weekends and PH from time to time. They have a friendly culture and welcome folks from all walks of life!

They are looking for an educator to shape the future of education and therapy through urban farming and Urban Farming.

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  • Strong command of a 2nd language (spoken and read) is a bonus.
  • Strong interest in teaching an advantage.
  • Early childhood experience is a bonus.
  • Interested in Urban Farming or agriculture.

Application opens –  25 Apr 2024

Closing on 25 May 2024

Salary – $1,800to$1,800 Monthly

How To Apply 

  1. Visit – https://www.mycareersfuture.gov.sg/search?search=urban%20farming%20&sortBy=new_posting_date&page=0
  2. Check and select a suitable Urban Farm job
  3. Click on the Apply Now button on the site
  4. After which you must log in with Singpass.
  5. If you don’t have an account create one
  6. After successfully creating your account you can apply now fully for the desired job.

Average Salary Of Urban Farming Workers In Singapore 2024/2025

The average salary of Urban Farming Workers In Singapore in 2024/2025 is $2,000 Monthly.

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Conclusion On Urban Farming Jobs In Singapore 2024/2025

You can see the above lists of Urban Farming Jobs In Singapore 2024/2025, with the additional benefits of your learning and working in a strategic environment.

Now’s your chance, with this selection of Urban Farming Jobs In Singapore 2024/2025; you, therefore, have no limitation in taking them up to start your work.

The article above gives crucial information about the Urban Farming Jobs In Singapore 2024/2025  for you to start applying.

After your search, applying, and finally getting recruited, you can enjoy a rich and rewarding extra dimension to your life and work to gain a beautiful experience.

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