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Are you seeking to find a stable job that fits your caliber? Here in this post you get the kind of jobs you are seeking in the country and to continue your passion.

This post exists for how to find under-the-table jobs and discusses the vital basis of the following under-the-table jobs, especially in the qualification or requirement status.

Hence, you must go through this article and comprehend every piece of information dished out, for they are all authentic and free from misinformation.

The under-the-table jobs mentioned in this article will be for eligible candidates, be aware that skills and the right attitude to work play critical roles in securing one.

If you are on the lookout for under-the-table jobs, in that case, you are on the right post as you will get updated on all the latest vacancies that feature how to find under-the-table jobs; hence read along!

What easy jobs are usually under the table?

  • Babysitting
  • House Sitting
  • Cleaning Houses
  • Selling Stuff Online
  • Pet Sitting
  • Dog Walking
  • Dog Grooming
  • Yardwork.

Where to Find Available Under-the-Table Jobs Near You?

If any of these jobs sound appealing and you want to get paid in cash, here are a few ways to find work:

  • Word-of-mouth: Let your friends and family know that you’re starting your side gig and ask them to share your information with people they know. Referrals go a long way!
  • Social media: Share your new business idea on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. — social media is a valuable tool to get your name out there.
  • Craigslist: You can find legit Craigslist gigs that pay cash.
  • NextDoor: This hyper-local platform connects you with your neighbors, and it’s a great way to advertise your services for free.
  • Hand out flyers: You can post flyers around the park, in local community centers, or go door-to-door. Going door-to-door helps people put a face with a name and begins to build trust.

Available Under the Table Jobs To Find

Before showcasing the available under-the-table jobs as a candidate you need to know the meaning of Under-the-table jobs and the meaning of these are jobs that pay cash and are typically “off the record,” as in they aren’t reported as income.

That means no taxes are taken out, no Social Security, etc, and you are paid cash directly for work you’ve done, this is an appealing way to get paid if you want immediate access to what you’ve earned.

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1. Babysitting

Babysitting is one of the first under-the-table jobs people ever get. It can be a great gig for more than just teenagers, and you can easily make $20-$60 cash in an evening.

You need to enjoy spending time with kids, but being CPR certified or having first aid training adds to your appeal. Parents like knowing their kids are with someone they can trust in an emergency.

Babysitters are typically paid per hour ranging from $12-$20/hour. Rates vary based on location, but you should also charge based on how many kids you watch.

Where I’m at in Houston babysitters average $15/hour watching one kid; but babysitters in Chicago average $17/hour, and ones in Seattle about $20/hour.

You can do a quick search online to find the local rates, but reaching out to friends with kids will give you an even more accurate idea.

2. House Sitting

Housesitters usually get paid cash or checks to take care of someone’s house while they’re out of town. You might be responsible for things like collecting the mail, watering plants, taking out the trash, etc.

If you’re willing to travel and up for a trade, there are websites dedicated to connecting homeowners and people who are willing to swap services.

You get to stay somewhere beautiful for free, and the homeowners get free housesitting services.

Salary: the average is $25-$50/day based on where you’re house-sitting.

3. Cleaning Houses

Cleaning houses can be one of the more lucrative under-the-table jobs because many people hate cleaning their homes.

Someone on my team here at M$M ran a small cleaning service, and she made anywhere from $40-$100/hour. Her business was word-of-mouth, and she got paid by cash or check on the day she cleaned.

Cleaning someone’s entire house can be pretty physical work, and you might have to deal with some disgusting stuff. But for the most part, this is a straightforward way to get paid cash.

4. Selling Stuff Online

There are more outlets than ever online for selling stuff, which makes this an incredibly flexible and accessible way to make extra money.

Selling things online locally is the best way to make cash because you can exchange money in person when you complete the sale. Here are some online platforms to sell locally.

5. Pet Sitting

You can make $30-$60 a day pet sitting, and this is one of the best cash jobs for pet lovers; pet sitters stay overnight in the pet’s home and care for them while their owners are away.

This involves feeding them and playing with them, but you may also need to take them for walks or administer medicine.

You can start finding potential clients by letting your friends and families know you’re starting a pet-sitting side hustle.; those referrals go a long way!

If you want to grow your business and are okay with getting paid more than just cash, Rover is a great way to find paying clients.

Rover is a platform that connects pet owners with caregivers near them.; you can list services like pet sitting, boarding, and dog walking.

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6. Dog Walking

The highest-paid dog walkers are located in busy urban areas where they can walk multiple dogs at a time; you can also make good money in suburbs with a high living cost because the owners are often too busy to regularly walk their dogs.

Salary: dog walkers earn an average of $20 per 30-minute walk with prices ranging from $10 to $35.

7. Dog Grooming

There are some breeds of dogs that need lots of grooming — Poodles, Bichon Frise, Bearded Collies, Chow Chows, and Bulldogs to name a few. A service where you come to the dog’s house and groom them could be a good way to make some extra cash.

The breeds I just mentioned are some of the hardest breeds to groom, but people are also willing to pay good money for simple things like nail trimming.

8. Sell Food From Your Garden

If you have a green thumb, selling home-grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs could be a good way to make a little extra cash. You could sell at local farmer’s markets, set up a booth in front of your house, or advertise on social media.

You don’t need to have a large-scale farm to pull this off either. Urban farming has taken off, and there are lots of resources online that teach you how to make the most of your garden space.

9. Yardwork

When people want their yard to look nice, I mean nice, you’ve got to go the extra mile with weeding, trimming, edging, and raking. The problem is that a lot of people don’t have the time or energy to do it on their own. That’s why this is a great under-the-table job.

You can earn $20/hour or more; most people who get paid to do yardwork can bring their equipment, so keep that in mind when you get started.

10. Sell Firewood

If you have a lot of trees on your property or have access to recently cut-down trees, selling firewood might be the right fit for you. Firewood is measured in cords, which is defined as 128 cubic feet of wood that measures approximately 4’ high x 8’ long x 4’ deep.

A cord of wood ranges from $120-$660 according to HomeAdvisor, and that’s based on the type of firewood. You can sell in half or quarter cords too.

12. Mowing Lawns

Here’s another classic cash job. If you’ve got a lawnmower and a can-do attitude, you may be able to make $15-$20/hour mowing lawns.

Getting into a routine with your customers is the ideal situation, and you can charge a per week or per month fee to care for their lawn. To make even more money, you could add additional services like weeding, edging, etc.

13. Craigslist Gigs

Even though Craigslist occasionally gets a bad rep, you can still find cash-paying jobs that aren’t scams. The “gigs” section on Craigslist is organized by computer, creative, domestic, crew, event, labor, talent, and writing.

To avoid scams, get a full scope of the job before you agree, do not accept checks, and never give out your personal information.

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14. Snow Removal

Because mowing lawns can be a seasonal job, you can swap your lawnmower for a snow shovel during the winter. Walking door-to-door in your neighborhood and seeing if people want their sidewalks or driveways shoveled is a good way to make some cash.

15. Scraper

Scrapping metal is hard work, but you can supplement your income if you know what to look for. To make the most cash, you’ll need to be able to spot the difference between ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Common nonferrous metals are aluminum, brass, copper, lead, and stainless steel. These typically pay more per pound. The most common ferrous metals are iron and steel, which are the least profitable.


These are the following frequently asked questions below:

How do people work under the table?

For those unfamiliar with the term, paying an employee under the table means they get paid off the record. You give them cash for their time instead of an official paycheck. No taxes, no reporting, and no confusion. This is more commonly found in smaller businesses.

How do you ask for under-the-table work?

You ask for under-the-table payment by mentioning how you’ll be paid in an interview. If the interviewer doesn’t come right out and say that you’ll be paid off the books, you do have the option to pry further and say that you prefer to be paid in cash.

Why do people want to work under the table?

There are a lot of reasons, in order from most common on down: The employer saves payroll taxes and unemployment insurance; the employer hires illegal aliens; the employee wants it that way to keep reportable income low, so they can qualify for government benefits.

How To Apply For Under The Table Jobs

These are the steps below:

  1. Click on the ‘Apply Now ‘ button below
  2. You will see various available Under The Table Jobs
  3. Fill in the crucial details or information
  4. On the other side, you will get to see the registered word (click on it)
  5. Then click to submit.

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Conclusion On How To Find Under The Table Jobs

This post provides crucial and potential information about how to find under-the-table Jobs; this is for the benefit of interested candidates wishing to apply!

You should know that you have no limitations or obstacles in taking them up and getting recruited into any how-to-find under-the-table jobs.

While deciding on your under-the-table job, you must carefully consider how much the chosen profession is in demand and whether it is profitable.

After analyzing the statistics, you can easily decide on the specialty and achieve heights in your chosen profession in the future.

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