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Are you an aspiring teenager about 15 Years of age wishing to work in Wellington? If you are the same age, this article is for you.

Jobs For 15 Years Olds Wellington are immensely advantageous and suitable and grant experience to teenagers wanting to make money suiting well with your studies and personal life.

You must note vital necessities when seeking a specific job as a 15 Years Olds, especially their limitation, e.g., the working period at night and other potential discussions.

This post will be of vital guidance and communal purposes to the 15-year-olds who wish to take up Jobs For 15 Years Olds in Wellington.

Most teenagers worldwide make most of the spectacular job for it is pretty convenient and flexible to suit well with all activities.

Therefore, you are to read and access the relevant information and updates on this article concerning the job requirements.

Limitations Hours For 15 Years Olds In Wellington

As a 15 years old employee or any school-aged student (under the age of 16), your work hours must be outside of school hours only.

In addition, it must not be between 10 pm and 6 am, including at times that interfere with the student’s school work or occupation.

Job Description

For a 15-year-old to carry the courage to work is an excellent decision knowing they want to take responsibility and try to make more money to add to their pocket money.

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In Wellington, jobs for 15 Years Olds are suitable for teenagers; for the International, child labour standards set the minimum age for light work at 13 years and general employment at 15.

However, before a 15-year-old child can do menial jobs, they must have the consent of both parents before proceeding to get a chosen career.

An employee or contractor who is under 15 years cannot work:

  • on a logging site, e.g., a forest where trees are being cut down or processed
  • on a construction site
  • in any area where goods or hazardous substances are being manufactured
  • in any place where the work requires lifting heavy weight
  • with any machinery or assist work with any machinery.

Jobs For 15 Years Olds Wellington

You could decide to change your job occupation to permanent employment; therefore, ensure you have an employment decision that appropriately outlines the everyday work.

All employees have the right to representation when dealing with their employer and can choose anyone they want to represent them during an interview or clarification period.

Being fifteen (15) years individual, they are still considered minor; therefore, their parents can be with their child when discussing employment matters with their employer.

The job below is suitable for fifteen (15) years old teenagers, and the Customer Champion needs not much work, as it is only positioned as an assistant.

Customer Champion In KFC Courtenay Place-Wellington

The role of a customer champion is to be the face of the organization and position (KFC Courtenay Place); you will act as the first point of contact on the customer journey.

You are required to support customers via multiple channels and ensure that the customer’s voice is not only listened to but understood importantly.

KFC Courtenay Place

KFC Courtenay Place Wellington, NZ, deals in favorite fried chicken joint and has served the Colonel’s finest with warm hospitality to Kiwis for over 50 years.

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Wellington, New Zealand, has been known over the years as Courtenay Place, which has all manner of places serving different varieties of food or drinks.

KFC Courtenay Place Wellington, NZ, is looking for someone with a positive attitude keen to work in a fast-paced team environment to serve our customers.

Job Details

Organization Name KFC (Courtenay Place)
Job Name Customer Champion
Employment Type Part-time
Salary NZ$21.3 – NZ$27.63 per hour
Location 60 Courtenay Place, Wellington CBD, Wellington, New Zealand
Postal code 6011
Company Public


  1. They are responsible for and empowered to convert customer feedback into actionable data.
  2. They ensure the company allocates required resources and that appropriate actions are developed and deployed.
  3. You will give accurate advice and guidance to customers, where possible, resolving inquiries on a one-and-done basis.
  4. Finally, all stages are effectively communicated to improve the overall customer experience and levels of customers.
  5. You will promote a range of additional services while encouraging and coaching customers to self-serve, enabling and encouraging the use of digital channels.


  1. Prior experience working in technical support or a customer-facing role, familiar with computer knowledge
  2. Must be 15 years of age
  3. Adaptable problem solver; self-motivated learner
  4. Collaborative but able to work independently and manage one’s own time
  5. A curious learner who asks questions and seeks out answers.


  1. Excellent interpersonal communication skills, both verbal and written
  2. Fantastic attitude skills plus active listening skills
  3. Time management skills
  4. Patient and empathic listener skills
  5. Ability to organize and multitask
  6. Friendly, compassionate personality.


  1. A competitive salary.
  2. Profit-Sharing.
  3. Flexible hours.
  4. Up to 16 weeks of paid family leave.
  5. Flexible vacation
  6. Sick leave.

How to Apply For Jobs For 15 Years Olds Wellington

These are the necessary steps you need to follow strictly:

  1. Click on the  ‘Apply Now ‘ button below
  2. You will see various available jobs
  3. On the other side, you will get to see the registered word (click on it)
  4. Fill in the crucial details or information
  5. Then click to submit.
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Apply Now

Average Salary For Jobs For 15 Years Olds Wellington

The average pay for Jobs For 15 Years Olds Wellington is NZ$26,568/yr and NZ$53,896 or NZ$21.20 per hour per worker.

Available Jobs For 15 Years Olds Wellington

These are the following jobs below:

  1. Team Member
  2. KFC Kapiti
  3. Dance Teacher
  4. KFC Porirua
  5. Psychologist
  6. Mentor
  7. Local Delivery Driver
  8. Sales Assistant.

Conclusion On Details Jobs For 15 Years Olds Wellington

Are you searching for ongoing Jobs For 15 Years Olds Wellington? Then i can assure you that you are in the right place, as I have the basic supporting format for applicants going through the registration.

When choosing a better reference with the Jobs For 15 Years Olds Wellington selection, you have to write the correct to avoid any mistakes.

This post has been critically compiled to bring the job ongoing and available Jobs For 15 Years Olds Wellington to keep you on the right track.

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