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Do you wish to be part of the Part-Time Jobs In Toowoomba For Students? Here is an opportunity for you (candidates) to start with the registration for excellent job employment in Toowoomba For Students.

It would be best if you, at this moment, enhance potential efforts to ensure every sequence to scrutinize these jobs, which is sometimes a delicate presence and needs special awareness.

Hence, read further to comprehensively understand the Part-Time Jobs In Toowoomba For students’ expertise and workings, especially the registration.

A part-time job experience can give your profile to boost drastically, and It’s also a way of showing that you’ve gained valuable skills needed in the workplace.

This post will exclusively surface the details concerning the Part-Time Jobs In Toowoomba For Students and the benefits you need for such positions for individuals.

Job Description

There are several available Part-Time Jobs In Toowoomba For Students to get involved in, so be assured that this post will grant them to you and ensure you got the necessary documents.

While reading through this post, you discover that a part-time job is responsible for assisting customers or attending to customers within a store, office, or hotel.

The Part-Time Jobs sector in Toowoomba is one of those responsible jobs for students to plan and carry out the following scheme of the job policies.

Many part-time job openings are available throughout Toowoomba, including part-time jobs perfect for Students.

These part-time develop the manifestation of independence and exploration of familiarity and help generate money for upkeep either in school or at home.

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As I said above, the shortlisted candidates or individuals should provide authentic documents and requirements while applying for the Part-Time Jobs In Toowoomba For Students.

Part-Time Jobs In Toowoomba For Students

It is inspiring and wonderful to work as a part-timer student in Toowoomba, regardless of your specific situation or location; once you have the following requirements the employer needs, you are good to go.

Every part-time job description requires the ability to multitask, a familiarity with introductory office, cooking, or any procedures, and strong interpersonal skills.

Below this article; are all the available and ongoing Part-Time Jobs In Toowoomba concerning the eligible candidates wanting to register and be surveyed thoroughly.

Receptionist (Part-time)-Toowoomba For Students

The job description of a receptionist is a part-time student who will have to carry the responsibilities of including the presence of greeting guests and helping them.

Other definitions can be supplied, making sure refreshments are available as they wait, maintaining calendars for appointments, creating duplication of copies, and planning travel arrangements.

Receptionists handle various administrative support tasks, including answering phones, receiving visitors, preparing meeting and training rooms, distributing correspondence, and redirecting phone calls.

They also bring out the duties of sorting and distributing mail, providing excellent customer service, and scheduling appointments for customers.

Salary: The average salary for a Receptionist is AUD 50731 per year in Toowoomba QLD, Australia, while AUD 24.30 per hour.


  1. Making appointments for all staff or specific employees, such as executives
  2. Ensure the reception area is tidy and presentable, with all necessary stationery and material (e.g., pens, forms, and brochures)
  3. Provide basic and accurate information in-person and via phone/email
  4. Maintain office security by following safety procedures and controlling access via the reception desk (monitor logbook, issue visitor badges)
  5. Order front office supplies and keep an inventory of stock and update calendars, and schedule meetings
  6. Arrange travel and accommodations, and prepare vouchers
  7. They professionally answer phones and routing calls as necessary.
  8. They assist colleagues with administrative tasks.
  9. They perform basic filing and recordkeeping.
  10. Processing bills and helping clients or customers if they have any questions about their charges
  11. Organizing files for billing, customer and client records, etc
  12. Preparing meeting and training rooms.
  13. Hiring, managing, and developing the junior administrative team.
  14. Directing visitors to the correct office
  15. Responding to all customer inquiries in a polite and timely manner.
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  1. Consistent, professional dress and manner.
  2. Customer Focus Skills
  3. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  4. Time management skills to prioritize and complete various tasks throughout the day.
  5. Telephone Skills and Professionalism Skills
  6. Organization skills
  7. Patience and listening skills to respond appropriately and interact positively with upset customers.
  8. Interpersonal skills to create a pleasant experience for all customers, such as being personable and attentive.
  9. Supply Management Skills
  10. Able to contribute positively as part of a team, helping with various required tasks.


  1. Experience with administrative and clerical procedures
  2. Familiarity with phone systems
  3. Must be able to lift to 15 pounds at times
  4. Hands-on experience with office equipment (e.g., fax machines and printers)
  5. Must be 18 years and above
  6. Competency in Microsoft applications, including Word, Excel, and Outlook.


  1. The face of the company
  2. Become incredibly skilled
  3. Pay can be generous
  4. You’re at the center of everything
  5. Progression is available
  6. You’re the face of the company
  7. Incredibly skilled
  8. Income can be helpful.

Apply Now

Available Part-Time Jobs In Toowoomba For Students

These Are The Available Part-Time Jobs In Toowoomba For Students Below:

  1. Home Care Worker, Entry Level
  2. Receptionist or Optical Assistant
  3. Part-Time Retail Team Member
  4. Part-Time Catering Assistant
  5. Maintenance Assistant – Student Accommodation
  6. Library Support Officer
  7. Assistant Educator
  8. Outreach Support Worker
  9. Clerical Assistant
  10. Food and Beverage Attendant
  11. Assistant Educator-Part-time
  12. Part-Time Carer
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Salary For Part-Time Jobs In Toowoomba For Students

The average salary for a Part-Time job in Toowoomba, QLD, Australia, For a Student worker earns about AUD 28.08 – AUD 56.15 an hour.

The average salary for a Part-Time job in Toowoomba, QLD, Australia worker or employee is about AUD 45,000 – AUD 55,000 a year.

Conclusion Details On Part-Time Jobs In Toowoomba For Students

You should ensure that the application processing is smooth by providing essential qualities for job employment.

The application website gives crucial information about the Part-Time Jobs In Toowoomba For Students or applicants.

While deciding on your job, you must carefully consider how much the chosen profession is in demand and whether it is profitable.

Reading through it, you can easily decide on the specialty and achieve heights in the selected career or professional in the future.

After your search, applying and getting recruited, you can enjoy a rich and rewarding extra dimension to your life and work to gain a beautiful experience.

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