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What Happens If You Get Caught Working Under The Table

An employer paying under the table is not illegal. However, the employer is paying under the table to avoid employment taxes or under-reporting. In most instances, paying under the table is illegal because the employer also does not accurately report their company’s payroll.

Generally, employers that pay cash under the table do not pay their fair share of tax, and employment insurance. Under Labor Code section 226, if you’re paid under the table, you may sue your employer, and be entitled to monetary damages.

What does it mean to get paid under the table?

The term “getting paid under the table” refers to a situation where an employee receives payment for goods or services in cash or other forms of compensation without the transaction being officially recorded or reported to the government for taxation or regulatory purposes.

When paid in cash, neither the employer nor the employee reports the income to tax authorities or other relevant agencies.

As a result, the income is not subject to income tax, social security contributions, or any other deductions that would typically be applied to a formal employment arrangement.

While some people might see this as a way to avoid taxes and possibly receive more money upfront, it is important to recognize that getting paid under the table is usually illegal and considered tax evasion.

Both the employer and the employee may face severe consequences if caught, including fines, penalties, and potential criminal charges.

For employers, paying workers under the table can also lead to other legal issues, such as violating labor laws, workers’ rights, and insurance requirements.

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In sum, getting paid under the table is an informal and non-compliant method of compensation that bypasses the usual tax and regulatory obligations.

It is strongly advised to avoid engaging in such practices and to ensure that all income is properly reported and taxes are paid by the law.

Its number of employees is illegal; in some countries, failure to accurately report wages to EDD is unlawful and considered tax evasion for failure to pay payroll taxes.

The consequences of paying employees under the table and not accurately reporting payroll taxes may result in a criminal convictions, civil fines, and penalties.

Payroll tax evasion includes:

  • failing to file payroll tax returns
  • filing false payroll tax returns
  • paying employees in cash and not reporting it
  • misclassifying workers as independent contractors.

Can you report an employer for paying under the table?

If a California employee believes their employer is paying them under the table and engaging in other illegal payment practices, they can take certain steps to address the issue and protect their rights.

The following are some recommended steps to consider when paid under the table in California:

  • Document the Evidence: The employee should gather as much evidence as possible to support their claim.
  • Talk to the Employer: In some cases, it may be worth discussing the concern with the employer directly, especially if the employee believes it was unintentional.
  • Contact the California Labor Commissioner’s Office: The California Labor Commissioner’s Office is responsible for enforcing state labor laws, including wage and hour regulations.
  • Employment Law Attorney: The employee should seek advice from an experienced employment law attorney. An attorney can provide legal guidance, assess the situation, and help the employee understand their rights and potential remedies.
  • Maintain Confidentiality: While reporting to the employer for illegal practices is essential, the employee should be cautious about sharing the details of the situation with coworkers or others who may inform the employer.
  • Retaliation Protection: California law provides protections against retaliation for employees who report violations of labor laws.
  • Cooperate with Investigations: If the Labor Commissioner’s Office or any other relevant agency initiates an investigation, the employee should cooperate fully and provide any necessary information to support their claim.
  • Employment law can be complex, and the specific circumstances of each case can vary significantly.
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If you suspect that your employer is paying you under the table or engaging in other unlawful practices, do not hesitate to seek legal counsel to protect your rights and ensure fair treatment in the workplace.

What happens if you get caught working under the Table

The consequences of paying employees under the table include fines and penalties. In some cases, penalties for paying cash wages under the table may result in a criminal conviction.

For employers paying employees cash wages under the table, the fines and penalties include the following:

Unpaid Wages

An employee who received pay under the table may file a wage claim against their employer if the employee did not receive the appropriate wages.

This award also includes any overtime pay. If an individual earned overtime pay but the compensation turned out to be the same as regular pay, then he or she is permitted to have the difference between the overtime pay rate and the regular pay rate.

Interest on unpaid wages

An employee paid under the table may be awarded interest on the unpaid wages. The rate of interest is set by the law.

Rather than interest, an individual may look into earning liquidated damages. These damages are meant to compensate an employee for any losses that are hard to express in numbers.

Penalties on unpaid wages

Along with unpaid wages, the state of California enforces ‘waiting time’ penalties, which require employers to pay an amount equal to 30 days of unpaid wages. This waiting time penalty is equivalent to the worker’s daily pay rate for each of the days where wages were not paid.

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Attorney Fees

An employer guilty of paying under the table may have to cover an employee’s attorney fees if the employee wins their wage and overtime case.

If an employee suspects that their employer has denied them fair wages by paying them under the table, he or she should hire an experienced employment lawyer to report the transgression.

It is important that an individual not allow an employer to dissuade them from pursuing a claim. He or she should report the employer and collect their deserved compensation.

Conclusion On What Happens If You Get Caught Working Under The Table

This post provides crucial and potential information about what happens if you get caught working under the table; this is for the benefit of people who are working under the table.

As I said, being paid cash in hand is not necessarily illegal, but it can be if you do not declare it to the authorities and this is because you are legally obliged to pay Income Tax and National Insurance on your earnings.

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